The latest doggy coup

The latest doggy coup – Dave & Stig receiving an award in parliament in March and then appearing on TVNZ Breakfast – to view the second half of Dave and Stig’s appearance on the show - Click on the second chapter. It’s after the Marilyn Waring interview.

Dave Krehic and his search dog Stig had been involved in the last day of the original search for Irina Yun who went missing in December 2008. Her pack had been found in the Dart River but nothing else was found at the time and the search was called off.

Dave wanted to bring closure to the family and so he undertook some research that led him to focus on a difficult area of the Dart river that had not been covered on foot in the original search. It was dangerous terrain to search, as the river is tightly confined and runs steeply down through large boulders. After a risk assessment and consulting with local Police SAR coordinators, Dave put together a team of specialists; two white water specialists, Andy Peddle and Mat McLeod, and an alpine cliff rescue expert, Massa Sato. Helicopter transport was also essential – for safety. Dave paid for that himself.

In an extraordinary display of teamwork and great effort – following all possible safety procedures but still putting themselves at considerable risk – the team methodically searched downstream into the gorge. They had to abseil in certain places in order to search the area thoroughly. This included harnessing up Stig. On the second day, they found some personal equipment before Stig indicated an area of interest. It was here that the team found the remains of Irina’s body. 11 months after Irina went missing Dave, Stig and the team were able to bring some level of comfort to her family.