Operational Wilderness Teams Current - 2016

Name Dog Area Contact number

Graeme Hill

Odin &


Hamilton | Waikato

(027) 693 9918
Pete Gifford Kelly W Palmerston North (021) 343 968
Rachel Procter Fledge W Wellington
Palmerston North
(021) 037 9381
Julian Smith Huey T Wellington | Horowhenua

(021) 797 924

Dave Krehic Enzo T Christchurch (0275) 819 819
Duncan Hamilton Baxter T West Coast (027) 224 2595
Murray Bowden Zeke T Hinds | Ashburton (027) 541 6115
Dermot Mayock Fin W Dunedin (027) 215 8838
Emma Milburn  Dart W Dunedin | Taieri (021) 146 5074
Sonia Evers Badger T Dunedin (022) 624 1055

W - Wilderness (Area Search) T - Tracking

Deploying a wilderness SAR dog:

Search dog mobilisation should be directed through the New Zealand Police, either local or by the 111 system - if however the dogs and handlers are deployed by other means, then the NZ Police should be notified as soon as possible thereafter.

Twice a year all LandSAR groups are provided with an up to date contact list of the operational wilderness SAR dogs. This list (as above)should be part of all groups' operational folder so that the contact details are readily available. The teams are endorsed Tracking, Area Search or both.

At times dogs are an extremely useful search tool.They are particularly useful for finding non-responsive people and discarded articles, establishing the direction of travel, covering large areas quickly, and working at night and in difficult terrain, but remember they need to be considered early.

Get to know your nearest dog teams so that you can understand their abilities and limitations.

If in any doubt contact your nearest operational handler from the list above.